Thoughts on pricing – what is a “block”?

We've been spending some time thinking about how we price the Harvest Plan service, and the discussion usually comes down to a relationship to what we call, here in Australia at least, a “block”. What does that mean? What is a block? How do we define it so we can use...

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The Prediction Widget

In closing the last post, we introduced our prediction widget, which is a playground to get a feel for how predictions work. It is a graphing tool that shows how different prediction models behave on a set of real samples. It shows two linear models: One Baume per...

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Harvest-plan: how we predict (pt2)

In the last post, we considered the situations where we had little or no historical data for the vineyard of interest. In this post, we consider our preferred situation: we have data. When we have historical data In this case, we can model ripening rates with a view...

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Harvest-plan: how we predict

The prediction strategy we use depends what data we already have about the block or vineyard of interest. There are three possibilities we deal with: We have no prior data related to the variety grown on the block We have no prior data related to THIS block, but we do...

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Harvest-Plan: the components

The visible part of Harvest-plan is the web application that harvest planners (and their harvest partners) interact with using via desktops, tablets or smartphones. This is used to gather vineyard data and provide access to the maps and analytics based on that data....

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Harvest-plan: why predict?

Harvest-plan aims to ease the vintage planning process by producing non-linear harvest predictions of grape maturity. Non linear predictions can be hard going even for expert mathematicians with specialist statistical modelling software. It calls on a body of...

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