Thoughtpool Pty Ltd is an Australian Company based in Adelaide and Sydney.

Thoughtpool is an industrial data and software pool specialising in providing Business scientific intelligence.

It provides the scientific community with access to quality controlled industrial data from the Pool to feed their models, results of which are fed back into the Pool. This is a convenient means to meet a user base for software that would otherwise be difficult to explain and/or market.

It provides the business community with convenient access to a category of business intelligence that is not commonly available, and one that involves unbiased scientific analysis.

Thoughtpool’s pilot service is harvest-plan.com, which provides advanced planning information for large grape harvests over extended areas.

Contact information
Thoughtpool Pty Ltd
ABN 60 144 703 284

Ric Hayman
Mobile: +61 407791216
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Marc Personeni
Mobile: +61 422221361
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