While it might seem that not much has been happening around here, in fact the quiet is because of work getting done. Not so much by me, I should add – but my colleague Marc has been hard at work on our prediction model, with help from a sizeable winery who have kindly supplied the data we needed to build historical profiles across Australia.

This has helped us put together predictions for a reasonably extensive range of varieties and regions during the 2013 vintage, and we’ve (and by “we” I mean Marc 🙂 ) put together an e-book demonstrating examples of aggregated 2013 predictions compared to historical profiles (and some of that data goes back to 1993!), and explaining how we model samples and derive predictions … it DOES get a little technical in parts, but if you have any interest in vintage planning you’ll find it an interesting read.

We’ve put a Kindle version on Amazon for $US9.99, for a couple of reasons: it represents a lot of work (and value, we think); and sales will help support further development of the prediction model. You’ll find it here; please check it out. This is what it looks like, in case you’re searching:


 If you read it, and are interested in predictions for the 2014 harvest, keep your eye on the Harvest-Plan site; registrations re-open in June for next vintage.