We first raised the topic of individual subscriptions last October – it’s now time to reveal some more details about the subscription choices available: 

In light of feedback received and as a way of opening up the Harvest-Plan service to independent producers, as well as making it easier to adopt for larger companies, we are looking at offering two types of subscription:

  • a best-practice enterprise subscription, and
  • an affordable individual subscription.

common features

  • Both subscriptions offer the same online database functionality and web interfaces to data, maps and calendars.
  • All the data you see can be downloaded for use in mainstream office applications and web utilities.
  • In any case, your private data remains private; we will not willingly exchange it with third parties even if you ask us to. You can make that decision yourself, for instance by downloading the data from the website and emailing the file.
  • An easy change request process allows you to ask for a change or addition at no cost to you if it proves of general interest.


This is the full-blown service as originally put together and is designed for multi-winery operations with a national scale.
It includes a “year 0” profiling study, which involves collecting, grooming and standardising your data for one country, developing a tailored maturity model for the subscriber in that country and developing the supporting software.
The annual planning service has the main objective of providing enterprise grade collaboration with the supply network and within your organisation. Key elements of this offering are:

  • Unlimited users
  • Up to fifteen wineries
  • Up to three thousand blocks
  • Your own administrator account to register/unregister users as you need
  • Segregation of duties for main administrative tasks
  • The assurance all users are working from the same reference data (database and maps)
  • Easy to upload, download and integrate data feeds
  • A state of the art maturation model as a result of the profiling study – this CSIRO developed model, tailored to your needs and data, will serve as the basis of maturity predictions for your company.

individual subscription

This is a streamlined offering that removes the enterprise profiling study and IT integration, and places responsibility for data entry onto the user.
It is user-based, with a named account that can have a single simultaneous login, restricted to 50 blocks for one processing facility (winery) in one country.
The subscriber is authorised to share her access to the website with her friends and co-workers at her own risk, although for security and data integrity reasons the account can only be used by one person at a time.
There is no limit on the number of individual subscriptions for a company, however as each individual will be dealing with his/her own database, data is not automatically consolidated for the company.
Key elements per subscription are:

  • A single crushing facility (typically a winery)
  • Up to fifty blocks
  • Flexibility of having a personal database per user
  • A shareable user account
  • Simplicity of saving your maps and data to Google Maps or Excel
  • Simple data entry with standard web forms and straightforward downloads
  • Contribution to, and leverage from a national maturity model, taking advantage of a much larger set of data.

which one should I use?

The individual subscription has been designed to allow vintage planners on a budget to use Harvest-Plan as a robust database for their block data, and get access to the prediction/planning facility for a much smaller financial investment. It is also an opportunity for planners employed by a larger producer to trial Harvest-Plan with little more than a “petty cash” investment, and to quantify the value to their business of the overall system prior to adopting the enterprise subscription.

It IS possible for a large producer to operate the service for some time with a number of individual subscriptions, but at some point it will become sensible to consolidate block data, integrate with third-party systems (either internal ERP/winery management/vineyard management systems; or external parties like Grapeweb and VineAccess) and share harvest plans with harvesters, contract growers, carriers and contract processors. At that point an informed decision can be made to commit to the additional expense based on demonstrated value to the business.

… and now for the steak knives!

Our intention is to make it easier for wineries to adopt the service, and to build up a statistically significant pool of data to improve grape maturity prediction (and in the future assist with other vintage problems like yield estimation and similar). So we have a deal for you: try out an individual subscription for the rest of the 2011 vintage for free! This will give you a low-risk introduction to the Harvest-Plan service, perhaps on a focused subset of your blocks, or all of them if there’s not too many. Have a look at the description of the individual subscription, and if you’re interested visit https://www.harvest-plan.com/ to have a look around, and register.

There is one very important CAVEAT: given that vintage is well underway, and carries on as we speak – we may not be able to gather enough data quickly enough to give you maturity predictions prior to picking in 2011. There will be “predictions” after the event so
you can compare them to what actually happened, and we will certainly be trying to move quickly enough to get them out before the event, but might struggle – your data will help! Even with that caveat, we think you’ll find lots of worthwhile ways of visualising your blocks, wineries and weather stations, and managing your own data. We’re looking forward to you all having a play …

One last important point – here are our terms and conditions (PDF). Please read them, as there are important considerations around our use of your data … and in that context, the quoted price for an individual subscription up to 30th June 2011 is $0!

Here’s a complete description of the Harvest-Plan Background (PDF), which includes the details above.