Probably the key point about the individual subscription for Harvest-Plan is that the user is completely responsible for getting the data into the system – something of a data entry exercise. The more we can keep ourselves out of the work involved in assembling the data, the lower we can take the price, the better for you. Now – we’ll do what we can to make the entry screens easy to use, and we will have standard names and descriptors for grape varieties, and Wine Australia Geographic Indications, and other “industry” data. But the information about your blocks, samples and actual deliveries is in your hands.

Part of our target for the individual subscription is the small operator, who doesn’t have a great deal in the way of IT systems, nor do they want a lot. In these cases we’re looking at replacing the spreadsheet as the way to keep information about vineyards and blocks, and what happens to them (as well as providing the maturity predictions and harvest planning, of course!). In that case, it is likely that you (or an assistant) are already doing the data entry – we don’t anticipate a significantly different workload … and then you get more options for the output (one of which is likely to be a spreadsheet download), like the harvest calendar, plus a few other things in the pipeline.