Welcome to Thoughtpool – a blog associated with the Thoughtpool business to be a window on what we’re doing and why.

Thoughtpool itself is, or will be, (as the name implies) a “pool” of data and models based on that data that can be commercialised via web services. Our first project is related to the wine industry, and CSIRO research [PDF] that I was involved in during my previous employment – planning a grape harvest based on prediction of the date the grapes will reach a desired ripeness, or maturity (cautionary note: the CSIRO document covers a lot of ground, and we’re not looking to provide all of those ideas – yet). We’ve called it Harvest-Plan, and set up a customer interface site. It’s currently still in development, but there’s a lot of paddling happening just below the surface, the results of which will hopefully be available soon.

So what is Harvest-Plan? It is a tool for wine grape harvest planning, that aggregates individual block maturity predictions into a harvest calendar that takes firmer shape as more samples are incorporated into the predictions. It is subscription- and web-based, and comes in two sizes – an “enterprise” subscription designed for national-scale wineries with multiple processing sites (generally winery sites with crushing facilities); and an “individual” subscription for more local, independent wineries with one processing site and up to 100 blocks of interest. The individual subscription is also a useful introduction/pilot for a larger organisation to establish the value of the service prior to upgrading to an enterprise subscription. Key differences between the two subscriptions are summarised here:

If there are any questions about the subscriptions and the differences between them, let us know in the comments. [Update: see the later post on subscription choices]

The next few posts will try and parse some of the major points, and we are still formulating the final boundaries between them, so your input will be useful.